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Monday, 27 January 2014

Then they fight you

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win" ~Gandhi

The vaccination "debate" has really taken on an interesting flare in the last little while. The 'pro-vax' side has really come back swinging at those of us who have chosen a different path (I prefer the term pro-vax choice). Unfortunately (for them), they haven't gone about it in a way that lends any credibility for their stance in the eye and ears of the millions of parents who are in the middle or on the fence. I would speculate if this rhetoric spinning continues that Gandhi's cycle will indeed lead to a complete collapse of the current vaccination schedule in North America. It isn't hard to fathom, as vaccination rates have already fallen substantially in the last couple years.

The links I have seen come up on Facebook border on offensive, but they also can be so easily picked apart by anyone who has done ANY research at all, that they are almost laughable. Let's start examining the three most popular ones:)

First, this one was posted by a few people on my time line: titled, "Growing up Unvaccinated". If you have been near social media in the last month you have likely seen it. What you likely have not seen is the alumni page for the author of the article....I will post both here and you can make your own conclusions.


http://www.luther.edu/alumni/spotlight-archives/?story_id=302763 (recognize anyone? I think 'piano teacher might just be a hobby...."

This doesn't even touch on the fact the article is Full of HOLES! Not to mention the fact that the pro-vax camp is always chirping "anecdotal cases are not science backed evidence"...and yet here they go with their own anecdotal rhetoric!

Then came THIS LOVELY ARTICLE blaming Jenny McCarthy for falling vaccine rates and whooping cough outbreaks. This kind of thinking really irritates me, because it is NOT the non-vaccinated children spreading whooping cough, it is the carriers of the disease who don't exhibit the more characteristic symptoms (ie. the vaccinated children and adults, and all the millions of people whose vaccination immunity has waned). Don't believe me? Look at studies....it is very accepted true that the epidemiology of Pertussis is not easily targeted by vaccination. The vaccine is notoriously faulty with an extremely low efficacy (hence why two doses have been added to schedule and now adult and adolescent vaccination is pondered). Many children will just seemingly have a cold and cough even though what the cough could be is pertussis. It is a bacteria and is present regardless of certain individuals being vaccinated. Searching for someone/thing to blame for Pertussis outbreaks???   http://www.sciencemag.org/content/330/6006/982.short.

The LAST ARTICLE posted is so full of misinformation that I almost spit my coffee on my monitor while reading it. I was thinking "Are people really buying this????" My husband summed it up pretty well when he said it employed the most basic school yard tactics in order to try and make some kind of a point. If using slurs like "stupid", "shitty-ass parent", "lousy human being", and making up stats is the direction the pro-vaccine movement wants to head in, then all the more power to them. I think most parents with any sense of reason and logic will see it for what it is: propaganda infused rhetoric. Measles death rates 1/500??? not even close! Try closer to 1/1000 even when hygiene and nutrition were very poor. Parents who don't vaccinate are "stupid"??? not likely, seeing as every study that has been done on this shows that it is highly educated, middle to upper class people are choosing to forgo vaccinations. It is people who are very accustomed to making large informed decisions about their life, work, and education that choose to forgo vaccinations.

So what does this all mean??? It means we have shifted paradigms. The pro-vax choice crowd (aka. 'anti-vaxxers') are not being ignored, nor is it funny, despite how some journalists would like it to seem. Parents are starting to listen to both sides, and this scares the heck out of the CDC (who funds 'voices for vaccines', in case you were wondering who paid for that first article written by a CDC intelligence officer). Instead of responding with legitimate debate and concern, they have decided to employ 'hate filled' propaganda pieces. I think it is a poor choice for them. The positive in this is I think it is a huge victory for those of us who want to make sure we maintain the CHOICE to keep our families vaccine-free. In the age of mass information, posting lies and propaganda won't get you anywhere for long.

Some articles/links that I have seen posted lately supporting choice (THANKS to those who support choice, even if your choice is different than mine is :-)



http://www.liveto110.com/vaccinations-cause-chronic-immune-system-dysregulation/ (this one has GREAT links to scientific journals at the end: check them out!)




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